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Kuga-ing around

164238_10151646640951255_1849856764_nWhen asked if I’d like to try the Ford Kuga for a week during the school holidays, the answer was a resounding YES. I did have to check if Ford would be happy with me racking up the kilometers-  as a trip to Whakatane was planned as well as one to Ruawai in northland. Thankfully the answer was yes.

My current car is a 2012 Ford Focus- which was a big change from our old Toyota Caldina. I’ve not ever been a car person, but have loved having a newish car to drive and to be honest am fairly attached to my Focus.  I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by a car – not my style. But after a day with the Ford Kuga I was besotted.

I think this is a good time to mention the name. Yes. It’s a KUGA. And I’m 41 which means some would say I’m a cougar (though I’m not one for chatting up young guys!). I’ve heard some men say they would shy away from the car because of the name. If that’s what it takes to reject this car, making it more available for us women, well then I’m sure us girls can handle it :). I can assure you I didn’t need to wear knee high boots and leopard print EVERY time I got behind the wheel 😉

I think I still don’t like the size of the car when backing out of a car park (anyone who knows me knows I don’t like parking anything!), but besides that I loved how the car has been designed with both the driver and a family in mind. When travelling distances with my children in the car, I definitely felt safe and secure- and they all enjoyed the room and space the car afforded them. It was a pleasurable way to see parts of the North Island together.

There were little things I especially loved:

*Food and drink trays in the back for children on long journeys

*A seatbelt chart on the car computer showing me who had not clicked their seatbelt. This came in very handy when doing short trips around home.

*The boot- which opens handsfree, and then closes with a push of a button. It might sound gimmicky to you, but as someone who hates the shoping back and boot juggle, this was a biggie for me

*The blind spot indicator on the side mirrors, indicating there is a car in the lane next to you. I especially appreciated this when driving late at night in torrential rain. Anything helps at that stage

*The automatic lights- it senses other cars approaching on the open road, or blind corners and would dip the lights before I realised it needed to.

*The rear video and parking guides.

*I was used to the great sound system that comes with Ford cars, but am going to miss the navigation once I get back into my own car. In fact all the computer side of the car was great. It made driving it long distances a pleasure.

*The no key push start – this was great.

It has a pile of features that I never tried, including the automatic parking – though like my wee ford focus, the parking guide sounds and computer is fantastic – and has done a huge amount for my parking confidence :).  The car lets you retain as much control as you wish as a driver, but I like that there is an option for those who prefer to give the more awkward parts of driving up.

It is a star car- No matter whether I was in Auckland, Tauranga, Whakatane or Northland- when I stopped, people asked me about the car and wanted to take a look inside. I’ve certainly not had that experience before!

Crying a little on the inside about returning this car today… it’s been awesome!

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