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NO. SLOW. GO. – Why pushing and pulling doesn’t help

This week pretty much every conversation has had a wee theme: timing.

Sometimes we get a clear NO. It might come with a little disappointment, though for me I like NO as it means it’s reduced an already large pile of opportunities and adds focus.

And sometimes we get a clear YES – That we know something in an instant, and everything falls into place.

But more often than not, we get “SLOW”

Our life is often spent in large periods of transition, and often it’s only when we stop trying to push or pull us through the process faster that we discover the NO or the YES on the other side of it.

Sometimes it’s not time to act because there are other people involved, or because we are still learning from something, or we’ve not got all the bits we need.

We often try and explain it away with justification, but often we don’t know why we aren’t moving on something. We are treading water, because there is a piece that needs to shift, and it hasn’t yet.

I love a direct YES or NO.

But the parts of my life that are on SLOW are good too. They WILL shift at some point.

I just need to let them be, and focus on the bits that are moving and changing. It all happens at the right time, for reasons that are often beyond us to understand.

The trick is to just know to act when it turns out it was waiting for a red light, or for that go go go green light.

Cos then it’s all systems GO.

About rgoodchild

Parenting and education coach, working primarily with ECE teachers, and parents of 0-8 year olds. Author of 27 published print titles, and a few e books too. Was a freelance writer Mother, business woman, entrepreneur.


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