Rachel you were a breath of fresh air and your timing was perfect.    Perhaps you were our Nanny McPhee without the warty nose and ugly bits?   I could feel you hitting the right chords all night so again, thank you! – Genelle, Gumboots ELC

Hi Rachel.

I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for the amazing workshop.  It showed that you are passionate about the future of ECE and enabling teachers to be the best teachers that they can be.
As someone who has seen leaders tell others what to do, you opened a new way for me, one that fits my philosophy, of treating those we are leading as individuals who we are helping along their path – just like we do for our children.  By reframing leadership in this way, I can see I have many of the qualities that can make me a good leader – and now I can put them into practise.  I have told everyone what an amazing workshop it was, and Tracey and I have had so many moments when we have looked at instances over the two days since the workshop, and we’ve both had that “Aha” moment – looking at the situation with different understandings from before.
I will continue to let others know how worthwhile your workshop was… and I’m eagerly awaiting your book, I’m sure it will be amazing.  
Thank you
Paula Tra

“Friendly, relaxed, personable but very informative. Thanks again Rachel!” – Tinah Steed, Bethlehem

“These courses need to be longer because I could sit for hours listening to you. Rachel you are fantastic at presenting and it really helped me gain some new ideas” – Roshni Ward

“Can’t wait to come to another of Rachel’s courses” – Gail McCann

“Thanks Rachel, I loved this course. It was number two for me and I loved them both!” – Amanda Wayward

“Enjoyed my day with Rachel. She had lots of ideas and could adapt the day’s plans to meet our different needs.” – Hemena Rumming

The vast majority of Rachel Goodchild’s courses end with a few moments to fill out an evaluation time. Over seven years, Rachel has had a 95% highly- fully satisfied rate, across a broad range of courses

Rachel is a regular speaker at conferences and is an experienced workshop or keynote speaker.


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