Parenting and education coach, working primarily with ECE teachers, and parents of 0-8 year olds. Author of 27 published print titles, and a few e books too. Was a freelance writer Mother, business woman, entrepreneur.
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GIVEAWAY: Cd of Anika Moa’s new album SONGS FOR BUBBAS

Nothing helps you be inspired to sing than trying to calm your own child! Most of us sing a little desperate “please go to sleep. PLEASE go to SLEEP” Anika Moa has penned  some originals and recorded a few childhood favourites (Oma Rapeti was the first maori song I ever learned) in an album dedicated … Continue reading

Why should the WELL-BEHAVED child miss out?

I recently received an email about a topic I talk about in both my behaviour course, and my social competency course (both run for Early childhood teachers.) I’ve posted the email and my response below. It’s my firm belief that we need to teach our “good” children who are being bothered by unpleasant behaviour around … Continue reading

Beach Walks : It’s not what we do, but how we do it

For a long time I’ve said one of my very favourite things to do is walk the beach. It’s a “what I love doing” moment – and part of what I love most about living in Auckland- there are so many beaches to choose from Even when travelling, if there is a beach nearby and … Continue reading

Thank you Monday Rachel

On Wednesday I came home from a buisness trip. I was tired, as I had driven a long distance over the day, as well as running two seminars – and we got in around eleven pm. I walked into my room and said a little thank you to “Monday Rachel”. We’ve been a bit of … Continue reading

Why Mindfulness Matters

As a teacher, I was taught the importance of self-reflection. We were to use it as a daily practice – looking at what we did, and the outcomes and reflecting “was that what I expected to happen?” and “how could I better be assured of my planed outcome?” As a person, I wasn’t a natural … Continue reading

The Tea Cup Song

I said “If I gave you a bucket what would you go put inside?” He said “Can you just give me a tea cup cos I’m getting ready to die” “My life’s already done, pass it on to some one else….” I said “But what’s the point of living, if there’s no life to be … Continue reading

NO. SLOW. GO. – Why pushing and pulling doesn’t help

This week pretty much every conversation has had a wee theme: timing. Sometimes we get a clear NO. It might come with a little disappointment, though for me I like NO as it means it’s reduced an already large pile of opportunities and adds focus. And sometimes we get a clear YES – That we … Continue reading

Another way to see adversity

I was talking in the weekend with a friend about how we can see “setbacks’ or “unpleasant experiences” in a different way. In the last year, I’ve been learning to look at something that hasn’t been pleasant for me (anything I’ve objected to or not found an instantly amazing thing), and instead of looking for … Continue reading

If it’s at the bare bones stage, maybe it’s not healthy

So I love Ginny Blackmore’s singing and her style. And Bones is a beautiful song. For those of you who haven’t heard it- I’ve linked you up It’s also pretty dangerous I reckon. – for people in unhappy relationships wanting to feel like the other person is going to change miraculously into someone who sees … Continue reading

Setting and sticking with values

At the beginning of the year I sat down and had a bit of a big think. If I could just choose four values or attributes that summed up how I most wanted to be seen, but also about who I wanted around me, what would they be? Because I was into flowers, I looked … Continue reading


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