Parenting and education coach, working primarily with ECE teachers, and parents of 0-8 year olds. Author of 27 published print titles, and a few e books too. Was a freelance writer Mother, business woman, entrepreneur.
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My new role : Starting Today!

Last week I spent a week in Taranaki, becoming trained in the sales and marketing techniques of The Marketing Company, New Zealand’s leading provider of sales and marketing training in New Zealand. I’m delighted to announce that from today I’m going to be both a facilitator, and a client manager, delivering training that helps businesses … Continue reading

I’ll be the one with the cheeky grin…

If we had never met before, and we were going to catch up for a coffee, how would you describe yourself? I was talking with an old friend today about how we are often incredible caught up about our own outward appearances or failings but that people who love us don’t even notice. I have … Continue reading

Exercises in Loveability Part One

Right… before you go any further… answer me this. When you say I love you to someone, what are you actually saying? What do you mean?  (there is no right or wrong answer) I say “I love you” pretty freely. I say it to romantic partners, friends, family, and sometimes have said it once or … Continue reading

SELF LOVE: Why getting this right changes EVERYTHING

For a long time I bought into the idea that loving unconditionally was about loving others unconditionally at the cost of myself. I figured, if I loved others openly and accepted them completely as they were, it would be a naturally reciprocal relationhip. I didn’t need to love myself. I’d let everyone else love me … Continue reading

There’s the nasty voice… or the loving voice….

If I could sum up the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last year or so, it would be this – the way we feel about ourselves is a sum of the way people closest to us see us. We reflect them, we are shaped by it, we are changed by it. My life began … Continue reading

What this mother is learning from Single Dads

I am constantly learning and evolving as a parent. I work with parents and teachers, and obviously from that have some amount amount of skill and knowledge there that   I can use with my own children. But that doesn’t mean I’m a perfect parent (or human being for that matter) or that I have … Continue reading

Writing songs for children : from my songwriting workshop

On Friday I had a lot of fun writing songs with a teacher as part of my new niche series of creative workshops. The thing with writing for young children is it’s ok to use tried and true melodies, and it’s good to use songs to teach principles and guidelines. We wrote songs for each … Continue reading

Our Family Business

This morning I woke my two younger girls up with a surprise – they are coming with me on this week’s work trip. People often ask me how I manage as a working mother who travels a great deal. For a start- I have fantastic support. And that support started with my children. I’ve always … Continue reading

Who would have intercepted for Nigella?

Out of the news and photos that Nigella Lawson appears to have been both verbally and physically threatened by her husband in public comes a pile of comments about how shocking it was that no one actually stood up for her while it was happening. The thing is, even though I myself have been in … Continue reading

You are beautiful, no matter what they say…

According to a minister in the UK, we should not tell our children they are beautiful. Because then they grow up thinking that is more important than being clever or strong or smart. I’ve read a wide range of research on this while preparing for my Growing Great Girls seminar, ( these start being run … Continue reading


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