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The Tea Cup Song

I said “If I gave you a bucket what would you go put inside?” He said “Can you just give me a tea cup cos I’m getting ready to die” “My life’s already done, pass it on to some one else….” I said “But what’s the point of living, if there’s no life to be … Continue reading

My new role : Starting Today!

Last week I spent a week in Taranaki, becoming trained in the sales and marketing techniques of The Marketing Company, New Zealand’s leading provider of sales and marketing training in New Zealand. I’m delighted to announce that from today I’m going to be both a facilitator, and a client manager, delivering training that helps businesses … Continue reading

Who would have intercepted for Nigella?

Out of the news and photos that Nigella Lawson appears to have been both verbally and physically threatened by her husband in public comes a pile of comments about how shocking it was that no one actually stood up for her while it was happening. The thing is, even though I myself have been in … Continue reading

IPad for Dad

A few weeks ago I realised I’d become one of “those” mothers. A parent from my youngest daughter’s class mentioned to me her daughter had been putting pressure on her to buy an IPad for herself. Apparently a large number of children in her class have their own, and she was using the “It’s not … Continue reading

Kuga-ing around

When asked if I’d like to try the Ford Kuga for a week during the school holidays, the answer was a resounding YES. I did have to check if Ford would be happy with me racking up the kilometers-  as a trip to Whakatane was planned as well as one to Ruawai in northland. Thankfully … Continue reading

Where’s the fire?

Let me start by saying- I really hate that saying. It’s often said in a passive aggressive way by someone who has no intention of doing anything to help someone who is in a place where they are stuck (not that it’s something anyone has said to me but that’s what I always think) But … Continue reading

Family Vision Boards

I have always enjoyed setting long term goals and then going for them. Recently I’ve been doing so in a far more visual way, setting them out, along with some dreams and hopes on a vision board. I’ve really enjoyed the process and the way it has helped me define what I really am working … Continue reading

A tweet tweet here, and a tweet tweet there…

Today marks three months since I stopped heavy duty tweeting on a regualr basis. On December 26th I was one of New Zealand’s most frequent tweeters- it was often down to a few tweets here and there either way. I apparently had an average of 65-69 tweets a day. Now… my blogs feed directly to … Continue reading

Sit still, don’t touch anything, oh..but have fun!

Yesterday I read an article in the herald about the ALARMING number of injuries children have at Early Childhood Centres. While, of course, I would not wish harm on any child, I did think that once again we are forgetting what happened when we were kids.  Perhaps it is because it is not the parent … Continue reading

Finding your voice

One thing I’ve learned is that for many of us, the learning process we have as children is exactly the same as it is when we are adults – except we don’t expect it to be, and therefore become frustrated by it. When I left my marriage I had no voice. Oh, I talked, and … Continue reading


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The Elephant in the Room