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You really irritate me

I’ve been running a course around New Zealand called “Loving Where you Work”. In two hours I take teams through a range of common issues that can crop up between people working together (this is primarily with ECE teachers so it’s often about how women work together) Quite a few people really enjoy the course. … Continue reading

Green Smoothies are a win with children

My youngest child has never been a big fan of the colour green where food is concerned. She went for a whole year where she refused to eat anything green at all – when I asked her to specify what she meant (she was five) “I mean I don’t eat it if it is soft … Continue reading

Bon Voyage – A story of travels

  There once lived a man and a woman who loved While the woman was in a place of great peace and happiness inside her, the man was not.  He had met the women soon after embarking on a new journey, and the rest of his path was calling to him to complete it. He … Continue reading

A tale of me

  The Story of How I Discovered my Real Name There once lived a woman and her three children in a home called “Warm Hope” The woman lived there known by many names, but in fact had one true name no one could guess (though many had tried to) People were drawn to her, as … Continue reading

Even if I am moving slowly

I am not the most patient of people. I’m a “see what I want and go for it” kind of person. Left untempered, and overly rewarded, I’d be the Veruca Salt of the modern world. I want it all and I want it now! Parenting has been good for me. You can’t wave a magic … Continue reading

Just Say No to Christmas Stress

There are moments when I almost forget Christmas is less than a week away. It’s not that I’m “bah humbugging” it away – we’ve got our decorations up, and there are gifts under the tree. But the stress, the rushing – it’s not part of my Christmas this year. It’s not that it’s a perfect … Continue reading

A sense of entitlement

Sometimes I think our whole western world is built on our collective sense of entitlement. We buy a treat “because we deserve it.” We spend more than we earn “because we deserve it” We get gifts “because we deserve it” Whole marketing campaigns have been built on the notion “because I deserve it” While I … Continue reading

FREE MOVIE TICKETS to Parental Guidance

I’m delighted to invite you to a FREE screening of Parental Guidance, a hilarious new movie starring Billy Crystal and Bette Midler as grandparents entrusted with looking after their grandkids, only to find their parenting styles are a little different from what the children are used to.   It’s a perfect movie to celebrate the … Continue reading

Goal Setting: What will your life look like?

I’ve always loved setting goals. Especially if I tag a reward onto it. I’ve set them for myself in many areas- and sometimes they are insanely successful, and other times the only thing that happened was I had a goal. I know for some people, things like Law of Attraction and vision boards are big … Continue reading

BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY – Free movie tickets to KIWI FLYER

It’s my birthday- and I’m giving you a gift! I’ve got TEN tickets to KIWI FLYER- A great NZ Family movie coming out in SEPTEMBER to give away. I’ve written a wee bit about it below, but for the giveaway- I’d like to give them to one, or two, or ten of you. Please let … Continue reading


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