E Learning

For a long time I’ve wanted to provide E Learning to both teachers and parents so that you are not limited to moments where you can get out of the home/ have time off from work, and you can learn at your own pace, with all be benefits of having someone alongside you.

I use Jigsawbox.com as my e learning platform. To take a course you need to be signed up to them, and then you are able to take any of the courses I offer. While the easiest way to pay for individuals is with a credit card, via paypal, if you’re a centre or a parenting group, you can always negotiate a bulk discount and be invoiced by me . Please contact me if you’d like to use this option.

There are a growing number of courses available. Very soon these will all be on a dedicated website, but for now, PARENTING E COURSES and TEACHING E COURSES are available on my rachel.goodchild.com website.

*Jigsawbox uses FLASH to deliver it’s video and audio content. If you have a mac, or are using an ipad or an iphone to take the course, you will need to download an app to help you. This article provides you with a few choices



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