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If it’s at the bare bones stage, maybe it’s not healthy

So I love Ginny Blackmore’s singing and her style. And Bones is a beautiful song. For those of you who haven’t heard it- I’ve linked you up It’s also pretty dangerous I reckon. – for people in unhappy relationships wanting to feel like the other person is going to change miraculously into someone who sees … Continue reading

It’s all about Soul

I’ve had the song “It’s all about soul” on a constant loop in my head for over a week. It crops up during meditations, it’s in my dreams, and it pops up again and again on my “random” playlist of shuffle all. When I first heard it I didn’t like it. It’s not a tune … Continue reading

The Nitty Gritty of Passion

Today my daughters and I took a road trip. I was working at an ECE Centre in Hamilton, and I knew it was a great opportunity to get some one to three time with them, catching up on thier lives, and letting them catch up a little with mine. Halfway home we got tired of … Continue reading

Songs that elicit our emotions

Of course that is what music is for. It is written by someone trying to put to paper, to music the feelings they have, the moments they can not explain any other way. Then it shapes itself into a form that others can generate their own response to. I think that is one of the … Continue reading

Music invokes the creative spirit

I sometimes feel creative pursuits are inextricably connected. If you want to seek one form you need to also focus on another. I sometimes wake with a song in my mind, then that develops into storylines, images spill out in words, and I am ready to write. I woke with the song ANGEL in my … Continue reading


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The Elephant in the Room